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Individualized Education Plans
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Aligning IEPs to the Common Core State Standards

This revision of Aligning IEPs to Academic Standards has a new chapter on academic objectives for students with an intellectual disability, along with case studies of students with moderate and severe disabilities.
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How to Write an I.E.P. 4th Edition

This useful and practical guide for teachers and parents contains the latest updates (through August 2006) to the 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
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A Guide to Collaboration for IEP Teams

A valuable book for team members as they work together to create the best possible IEPs.
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Wanted: A College Education

This book outlines steps to be taken during high school before the choice of college comes up. An extremely valuable step-by-step guide.
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The I.E.P. Primer and the Individualized Program

Addresses current practices of I.E.P. procedures, beginning with How do I start?
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Writing Measurable I.E.P. Goals and Objectives

This time-saving guide provides 75 best practice samples to quick and effective writing of accurate and measurable IEP goals and objectives.
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Beyond Retention: A Survival Guide for Regular Classroom Teachers

Provides suggestions for assisting children in the regular classroom who have learning disabilities, emotional disturbances, hearing impairments, and other special needs.
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Developing Transition Plans

This book assists transition staff in understanding how to write transition plans using a person-centered planning process.
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Transition IEPs: A Curriculum Guide for Teachers-3rd Ed.

a practical guide for parents, educators, and practitioners who are involved in the transition planning process and IEP development of students of all disability levels.
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Transitions to Post Secondary Learning-Course Starter Kit

Aimed at students from 9th grade to adulthood, this program uses an engaging video that features eight real-life students with specific learning disabilities or ADHD who have made successful transitions to college or vocational education.
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Transition and Students with Learning Disabilities: Facilitating the Movement from School to Adult Life-2nd Ed.

This volume represents the collaborative thinking of researchers and practitioners on transition for persons with learning disabilities.
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Transitions to High School-Course Starter Kit

This complete program facilitates students' transition from middle school to high school through multimedia presentations that include an engaging video and a Self-Advocacy Handbook.
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