Overview of Computer Assisted Administration for the
Glaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonology (GDAP)

For the same cost as a paper record form, ATP Online makes administration
and scoring of the GDAP even easier with these convenient features.

  • Plan your administration
    Choose which of the 49 individual targets or nine sound classes you want to administer by simply clicking on each target.  (Those items will now be highlighted.) Then select ‘Begin Administration’  to start the administration sequence.

  • Clear step-by-step administration guidance
    No need to refer to the decision matrix on the GDAP test plates. ATP Online guides you through each step of the decision matrix and automatically scores the item according to the GDAP’s 15-point scoring hierarchy. All you need to do is indicate if the child correctly pronounced the target sound.

  • Completed score reports
    Once the assessment is completed, just choose your confidence interval and ATP Online will produce a completed 3-page report containing an overall score, scores for each sound class as well as individual sounds. Also provided is a comparison of the examinee’s score on an item with other examinees their same age.

The report can be saved as a pdf that you can print out or save in an EMR system.