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Reading Instruction
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Best selling, research-based resources for effective reading instruction and assessment.

Phonics-based, hi-lo, and Lexiled reading materials for struggling readers.



Save time, manage clients and locations, and produce professional reports
for 15 of ATP's popular assessments!


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1) Click the link above to create an account at ATP Online


2) Verify your email address and user credentials


3) Purchase scoring and report forms at ATP Online


     *For purchasing Online scoring reports using a purchase
       order or for existing users, please log in to ATP Online
       for further instructions.

ATP Online Scoring and Reporting available for these assessments

(See links to individual assessments below for more info)

It's Easy to Use!

Log in from anywhere you have a computer and use your dashboard to manage clients, locations, and reports.

Users will be able to enter raw scores from printed forms for automatic scoring conversion to standardized scores without the need for calculations or referring to norms tables. Reports can be saved, viewed online, or downloaded as PDF documents for use offline. Retrieve reports from anywhere you have Internet access. Assessment results are encrypted and secure.


Save Time with These Convenient Features!

Manage Clients and Locations

You can add office or school locations and manage your clients through ATP Online. You can also access the history of reports for your clients.


In-App Purchases

You can purchase the scoring reports you need directly from ATP Online and get scoring right away!


Produce Scoring Reports
in Seconds

Enter your administration raw scores, and ATP
Online will convert to standardized scores.


Share Your Account with
Other Clinicians

You can share your ATP Online account with other clinicians. Just add their name and email and send an invitation. This is a great way to share inventory or even allocate inventory across an organization.


Download Professional Reports
as PDFs

ATP Online produces the same beautiful color forms as the ones that come with the printed kits. No need to fill them in yourself!


Access Audio Tracks

If you don't have a CD player or you lose your CD, you can access the audio tracks for some assessments through ATP Online.



ATP Online Scoring and Reporting Available for These Assessments

Scoring Reports are affordably priced and may be purchased at ATP Online at the following prices. User registration is required. Usage of Scoring Reports requires validation of user credentials. (Go to ATP Online Now).

Kindergarten Essential Skills Assessment
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Multiple Auditory Processing Assessment –NEW!–
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Glaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonology –NEW!–
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Glaspey Dynamic Assessment of Phonology –NEW!–
: $2.00 / Each Administration

Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test-4
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Expressive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test–4: Spanish-Bilingual Edition
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test-4
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test–4: Spanish-Bilingual Edition
:  $1.00 / 5 reports

Test of Semantic Reasoning
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Test of Visual Perceptual Skills–4
: $1.00 / 5 reports

: $2.50 / 5 reports

Test of Auditory Processing Skills-3
: $2.50 / 5 reports

Test of Auditory Processing Skills–3: Spanish-Bilingual Edition
  (TAPS-3: SBE)
: $2.50 / 5 reports

Lights Retention Scale–5
: $2.50 / Each Administration

Receptive, Expressive & Social Communication Assessment-Elementary
: $2.50 / 5 reports

Motor-Free Visual Perception Test–4
: $1.00 / 5 reports

Test of Information Processing Skills
: $1.00 / 5 reports




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