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Ann Arbor Publishers

Ann Arbor is a division of Academic Therapy Publications. The Ann Arbor line of visual perceptual materials has been designed primarily to improve letter recognition and eye movement skills required for reading: short term visual memory and visual discrimination, fixations, left-to-right directionality, peripheral awareness, word recognition, and saccadic eye movements (small, precise jumps from one word to another). Ann Arbor materials are appropriate for beginning readers, remedial students, and slow readers at all levels.You may shop for Ann Arbor products in our on-line store by clicking Visual Tracking/Training on the menu at left. If you would like a printed catalog that includes the Ann Arbor line of products, click Request a Catalog and select Ann Arbor in the request form.

The Ann Arbor line of products include:

Symbol Discrimination and Sequencing: all ages, all levels, a very gradual increase in difficulty from two symbols, letters, or numerals to five.

Symbol/Letter Tracking: non-readers, beginning readers, problem readers, ESL students; an effective bridge between Symbol Discrimination and Sequencing and Letter Tracking I.

Letter Tracking I: all ages; tracks full alphabet, upper and lower case in four gradually diminishing sizes.

Sentence Tracking: High Frequency Words: 2nd/3rd grade reading level, includes 500 of the most commonly used words in everyday language.

Sentence Tracking: 3rd/4th grade level, first three sections give model sentences to track; fourth section does not give model sentences; fifth section presents only random words.

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Word Tracking: High Frequency Words: 2nd/3rd grade reading level; includes 500 of the most commonly used words in everyday language.

Word Tracking: High Frequency Functional Words: proverbs / Word tracking: Limericks appropriate for upper elementary grades and junior/senior high.

Cursive Tracking: beginning readers, remedial, and slow readers at all levels, including adults; carefully designed exercises for the student who has difficulty in the transition between manuscript and cursive writing.

Cues and Signals I-II: 3rd grade and up; can be used as a supplement to Letter Tracking I & II. (See Number Tracking, Multiple Tracking & Readingbook 1)

Cues and Comprehension I-II: a supplement to Sentence Tracking; approximate reading level of each book – Book 1: 3rd grade; Book II: 4th/5th grade.


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