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Play Sports! Series

Three action-packed sets for sports lovers ages 9 through 14+

The Play Sports! series combines sports subjects with contemporary relationship themes and relatable family issues. Each set focuses on five different sports, and features the same characters in each set.

Each level progresses with slightly more complex sentences and vocabulary. Choose a reading level (1, 2 or 3) that's appropriate for your struggling reader. When your student has completed Play Hard (Level 1) or Play to Win (Level 2), they can always 'Read Up' to the next higher reading level.

Play Sports Series

Readability: 1st-3rd Readability

Age/Interest Level: Grades 3-8

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Play Hard

Ana and Daniel play a lot of sports, and their dad is a coach. Ana is in sixth grade and likes to win, but her brother, who is in fifth grade, would rather have fun. They always compete with each other, to see who can hit farther, run faster, or blow a bigger bubble! Featured sports: soccer, swimming, basketball.

Readability: 1st Grade Readability

Age/Interest Level: 8-12

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Play to Win

Kat and Jamal are cousins. Eli and Sarah are brother and sister. With all the sports they play, you might say sports run in the family! Featured sports: mountain biking, cheerleading, tennis, football, tae kwon do.

Readability: 2nd Grade Readability

Age/Interest Level: Grades 3-8

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Play for Keeps

Every young athlete has a story. What makes each one special? Why do they compete? Did they ever want to quit? Get serious about sports with the Orton Middle School Fighting Elks! Featured sports: track, softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball

Readability: 3rd Grade Readability

Age/Interest Level: Grades 3-8

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