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Phonics-based, hi-lo, and Lexiled reading materials for struggling readers.


Visual Perception Training

Letter Tracking

Serves a dual purpose effectively teaches the alphabet sequence and the visual discrimination of letters while correcting reversals and rotation.
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Symbol Discrimination and Sequencing

Designed to improve visual discrimination, visual memory for sequence, noting likenesses and differences, visual matching, and left-to-right progression.
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Symbol / Letter Tracking

Designed to improve visual discrimination, symbol memory, and left-to-right directionality while correcting problems with reversals, omissions, substitutions, and additions.
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Sentence Tracking: High Frequency Words

Without knowing it, as students master tracking skills, they will also become familiar with the 500 sight and phonetic words that are commonly found in everyday language skills.
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Sentence Tracking

Designed to teach scanning of a line of type to improve reading, word recognition and discrimination skills.
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Word Tracking: High Frequency Words

A tracking program designed to help students strengthen left-to-right progression by scanning lines of print to find the 500 words most often used in the English language.
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Emergence - Labeled Autistic

When a child cries out for human contact only to shrink away when it is offered, what can be done to help? A landmark autobiography that answers this question and more.
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