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Academic Skills: Multisubject

Criterion Test of Basic Skills-2 (CTOBS-2)

The Criterion Test of Basic Skills - 2 provides a criterion-referenced assessment of reading and arithmetic skills. The manual contains more than 250 teacher-directed, independent, and peer tutoring activities correlated to the skill areas assessed.
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Diagnostic Achievement Battery - Intermediate

The DAB-I is an upper-level extension of the DAB-4 and is intended for use with adolescents.
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Diagnostic Achievement Battery - 4 (DAB-4)

This new, streamlined version of this popular achievement test is useful for identifying students' strengths and weaknesses across areas of academic achievement.
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Academic Achievement Battery (AAB)

The AAB is a complete achievement assessment, offering both a comprehensive battery and a screening version for use with individuals over an extended age range.
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Wide Range Achievement Test - 5th Edition (WRAT-5)


The WRAT-5 provides an accurate and easy-to-administer way to assess and monitor reading, spelling, and math skills and helps identify possible learning disabilities.
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Gifted and Talented Evaluation Scales–2 (GATES-2)

The GATES-2 is an innovative, quick approach for identifying students who are gifted and talented.
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Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary and Middle School Students–3 (SAGES-3)


The SAGES-3 is a norm-referenced test used to identify students who are gifted and/or talented in general intellectual ability and academic aptitude.
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Transition Planning Inventory-3 (TPI-3)

The TPI-3 provides school personnel with a systematic way to address critical transition planning areas that are mandated by the Individuals With Disabilities Act of 2004.
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