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Grade 2 Civics Set

Through the use of real-world connections, students will explore civics topics in relevant, meaningful ways.

The Liberty Bell
Learn how brave citizens of Philadelphia saved the iconic Liberty Bell during the British invasion. Acting out this story makes the history of the American Revolution come alive! The six roles in this script match different reading levels, enabling teachers to use differentiation and English language learner strategies. These strategies allow all students to engage in the same activity, regardless of their current reading level. All students can feel successful and can gain confidence in their reading fluency.

Camping Constitution
Act out the story of a group of children who need to set rules for their camping trip! They use the US Constitution as an example, discovering the reasons it was written, what it means for democracy, and how it gives citizens rights, laws, and freedoms. Will the children be able to make a camping constitution of their own? This script includes six roles at different reading levels. Teachers can apply differentiation and English language learner strategies to assign roles in a way that accommodates struggling to proficient readers.

The Star-Spangled Banner
Act out the story of the events that led up to the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner! Students will learn about Mary Pickersgill, who made a flag for the War of 1812 that inspired the famous poem. The six roles in this script are written at different reading levels, supporting differentiation and English language learner strategies. Teachers can assign specific roles to their students to accommodate all reading levels.

Declaring Our Independence
Readers will learn the history behind the Declaration of Independence and what makes it such an important document in American history. This engaging title features colorful images, informative text, and interesting facts. Featuring a table of contents, glossary, and index, this book has all the tools readers will need to learn about American independence.

You and the U.S. Government
This informative book teaches early readers about the important impact the government has on our lives. Readers will learn about taxes, the three branches of government, voting, and more through bright images and supportive text. A table of contents, glossary, and index are included to aid in helping readers better understand the content.

You and the Law
This fact-filled nonfiction book will teach readers about various types of laws--from city laws to national ones--and what impact they have on us. The detailed images, fascinating facts, and supportive text work together to inspire readers to learn all they can about laws. A glossary, table of contents, and index are provided to build readers' comprehension.


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Reading Level

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Grade 2

Subject/Genre: Social Studies

Ratings: Lexile: 520L-540L | GRL: E-M

Recommended Ages: 7–9+


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Grade 2 Civics Set (6 Books)


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