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It's All Animals! - Complete Series

This hi-lo series uses fascinating facts about animals to introduce life-science vocabulary and concepts, including traits, ecosystems, and how animals are classified based on shared characteristics. Each book in the It’s All Animals! series features lots of interesting information about a wide variety of animals. Each set focuses on five different types of animals.

Read-UP! with 3 levels of readability. Each level (set of 5 books) contains a book on a different life science subject so a student can keep reading in one content area if he or she prefers. The Lexile range in Level 2 is higher than Level 1. The Lexile range in Level 3 is higher than Level 2.

Titles in It’s All Animals! Level 1

Animals That Are Pets What are traits, and how do they help animals live with us? Learn about traits and why they matter. Lexile:480

Animals That Build Things Did you think only birds built nests? Some animals are amazing builders. Find out what they build, and why. Lexile:450

Animals That Bug Us Are bugs out to get us? Mosquitoes suck our blood. Scorpions strike with poison. Find out why bugs are bugging us! Lexile:480

Animals That Work for Us Did you think only people worked? People depend on animals that work. Learn all about the jobs they do! Lexile:470

Animals That Have Weird Habits Why do animals do weird things? They have their reasons! Lexile:460

Titles in It’s All Animals! Level 2

Animals of the Atacama How do animals find food, water, and shelter in the world’s driest desert? The desert will tell you its secrets. Lexile:540

Animals of the Rockies On the cold tundra, animals do surprising things to survive. Meet the animals of the alpine tundra. Lexile:540

Animals of Borneo They run, swing, glide, and fly! All kinds of strange animals live in the Borneo rain forest! Lexile:550

Animals of the Arctic Are there really unicorns in the Arctic Ocean? Discover animals of the Arctic and how they survive their icy world! Lexile:540

Animals of the Serengeti Why do animals travel 1,000 miles together? Come along on the Great Migration of the creatures of the Serengeti! Lexile:560

Titles in It’s All Animals! Level 3

Animals That Are Mammals What do the bumblebee bat and blue whale have in common? Both are mammals. Lexile:580

Animals That Change Forms Why shouldn’t you touch bright-colored frogs? Find out what makes amphibians so remarkable. Lexile:600

Animals That Are Reptiles What snake eats other snakes? Would you want to meet a 300-pound lizard? Reptiles have some amazing traits. Lexile:640

Animals Without Backbones How does a sea sponge eat without a mouth? These creatures do a lot without backbones. Lexile:640

Animals That Are Fish Why isn’t a starfish a fish? How do fish float? What male fish gets pregnant? Fish are far more than fins and tails! Lexile:650

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Subject/Genre: Nonfiction in the Content Areas

Ratings: Lexile: 450–650

Recommended Ages: 9–14+

Pages: 48 pp., 5 x 7

Publisher:  HNB


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