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Real-Life Ghost Stories

Stories about ghostly hauntings haunt readers around the world. This spooky series features one real-life ghost story per book, written in a can't-put-it-down narrative style. Fact boxes and skeptic's notes give readers real-world context for these frightening tales, including the legendary Bloody Mary and Bell Witch ghost stories.

The Bell Witch: An American Ghost Story
The haunting of the Bell family at their home in Tennessee started out harmless enough with knocking and scratching noises. But soon members of the family were scratched, kicked, and slapped by a spirit who identifies herself as a witch named Kate Batts. Centuries later, this legendary ghost story continues to haunt all who hear it. Lexile: 770L, ATOS: 4.8, GRL: W

Bloody Mary: Ghost of a Queen?
The legend of the ghostly Bloody Mary involves seeing a woman's bloody image appear in the mirror. But where does this eerie legend originate? Some say she is the spirit of Queen Mary I of England. Queen Mary I wanted England to embrace Catholicism, and her bloody persecution of Protestants led to her nickname, "Bloody Mary." No matter its origin, this spooky story has haunted people around the world for centuries. Lexile: 910L, ATOS: 5.4, GRL: Z

La Llorona: The Legendary Weeping Woman of Mexico
The ghost of a weeping woman dressed in white, La Llorona, is often spotted beside bodies of water. People in Mexico and in the southwestern United States have claimed to hear her wailing in the night, crying out for her drowned children. This centuries-old legend says that if the wailing woman gets too close, she will drag you to a watery grave. Lexile: 770L, ATOS: 4.7, GRL: Z

Perron Family Haunting: The Ghost Story that Inspired Horror Movies
The Perron family received this advice from the previous homeowner of their Rhode Island farmhouse: "For the sake of your family, leave the lights on at night!" A ghostly witch named Bathsheba led the haunting of the Perron family, physically and psychologically tormenting them. This legendary ghost story eventually became the subject of the movie The Conjuring and continued to haunt the Perron family for years to come. Lexile: 850L, ATOS: 5.4, GRL: W


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Grades 3-9

Subject/Genre: Informational Text

Ratings: Lexile: 770-910

Recommended Ages: 8-14

Pages: 32 pp, 8 x 10


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Real-Life Ghost Stories: Set of 4 books


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