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3rd Grade Readability

DC Comics: Superman

Presenting stories for struggling readers in grades 3-6 and featuring superhero, Superman! These full-color chapter books, with original art by DC Comics illustrators, will captivate young readers and give them glowing examples of bravery, loyalty, and true heroism.

Superman: Under the Red Sun
An alien ship, orbiting the Earth, sets up a screen to filter the sun's rays from reaching our planet. Without the yellow sunlight that gives Superman his amazing powers, his strength begins to drain away. When he becomes as weak as a baby, who will save Earth from the coming invasion of alien warriors led by the indestructible Darkseid?
Lexile:680, GRL:M, ATOS:4.3

Superman: Prankster of Prime Time
After being released from prison, the evil Prankster vows to turn over a new leaf. Instead of using his trickster talents for trouble, he's taking them to TV. As the host of a new show, the Prankster recruits teenagers to perform practical jokes for a television audience. At first, the show is a hilarious hit. Soon, however, each prank becomes a preview for a crime, and Superman isn't amused. He's sending teenage reporter Jimmy Olsen to investigate, and stop this reality show from becoming real-life mystery.
Lexile:690, GRL:M, ATOS:4.5

Superman: Bizarro is Born
Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane discovers that the evil Lex Luthor has created his own super hero — Bizarro Superman! The confused creature captures Lois and sets out on a path of destruction. The real Man Of Steel must stop the monster, before it destroys Metropolis in a warped pursuit of truth, justice, and the American way.
Lexile:560, GRL:M, ATOS:3.6

Superman: The Deadly Dream Machine
Abra Kadabra, a super-villain from the 64th century, has escaped from an alien prison and returned to Earth! Using a mind-control machine, this futuristic felon hopes to brainwash the entire planet into believing that he's the rightful ruler. To complete his evil plan, Abra Kadabra has captured Superman, the only source of energy strong enough to fuel his high-tech weapon. If the Man Of Steel can't escape his dream-like state and unplug himself from the mind-control machine, the world will soon become a nightmare.
Lexile:630, GRL:M, ATOS:4.2

Superman: Parasite's Power Drain
As the sun sets in Metropolis, the electricity suddenly goes out, and crime wave erupts throughout the darkened city. This is a job for Superman! But as the Man Of Steel restores order, an even bigger problem arrives . . . the evil Parasite. This power-hungry monster won't let Superman save the day without a fight. If the Man of Steel isn't careful, it'll be lights out for him as well.
Lexile:650, GRL:M, ATOS:4.1

Superman: The Shadow Masters
Reporter Clark Kent investigates the theft of black crystals from a Metropolis museum. As he searches for clues, electrical transformers beneath the street suddenly explode! Clark quickly changes into his alter ego, Superman, and locates the problem. It's Acrata, a super heroine who can teleport through shadows. She insists that the power must be shut down, or the earth will be doomed. Superman isn't convinced. He stops Acrata, but soon a new problem arrives. The evil Eclipso appears, carrying the stolen crystals and threatening to take over the world. Superman and Acrata must stop him from casting an evil shadow over Earth
Lexile:630, GRL:M, ATOS:4.3

Superman: Deep Space Hijack
When astronauts crash on Pluto, only one man can save them . . . SUPERMAN! Faster than a speeding bullet, the Man of Steel soars toward the dwarf planet, towing a high-tech rescue vehicle. Soon, he discovers an unexpected passenger aboard the spacecraft. Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet’s young photographer, has hitched a ride, but that's not Superman’s biggest problem. When the evil Kanjar Ro attacks, the Man of Steel finds himself weakened by deep-space travel. Can he summon the strength to defeat the alien invader 3,660,000,000 miles from Earth's yellow sun?
Lexile:690L, GRL:P, ATOS:4.4

Superman: The Stolen Super Powers
Superman has his hands full. First, he encounters his cousin, Supergirl, a reckless teenager with powers like his own. Then he confronts a creature known as Parasite, who can absorb Superman's strength and super-speed just by touching him. Superman knows enough to not shake hands with the deadly fiend, but Supergirl is still learning the ropes. Filled with her power, the Parasite now battles the Man Of Steel in a fight that rocks the planet. How can Superman defeat a villain who gets more powerful with each punch?
Lexile:660, GRL:M, ATOS:4.4

PLEASE NOTE: Meteor of Doom is no longer available. This title has been replaced by Deep Space Hijack (DDD-2867).


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3rd Grade Readability

Grades 3-6

Subject/Genre: Adventure

Ratings: Lexile: 560-690

Recommended Ages: 9-12

Pages: 50 pp., 5-1/8 x 7-1/2, softcover


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Bizzarro is Born



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Parasite's Power Drain



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Deep Space Hijack



The Stolen Super Powers


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