3rd Grade Readability


by Kazu Goya

In icy waters. On a blazing desert. In a dark tunnel. In a woman's mind. The spirits of those who died violently are everywhere. They cannot rest. It's up to the living to give them peace by finishing what was left undone.

The Shack:
Niesha didn't want to move from the big city to a small Texas town in the desert. Her mom thought life would be safer there, though. Then Niesha meets a violent spirit who proves that her mom was wrong. Can the geek next door save Niesha's life?
Lexile: 520

The River:
Sam and Brady go on a fishing trip to help Sam recover from a terrible car accident. When Sam sees a dead woman in the water, Brady thinks Sam is hallucinating. Is he? Or does a murder victim want revenge?
Lexile: 500

The Shore:
Ever since his mother died, Marcos has been haunted by death. Then he and his friend Cody go to the Oregon coast to fix up a beach house. Tragic events from someone else's past come to haunt them in the present. Will they survive?
Lexile: 440

The Voice:
Isa wants to win a photo contest by taking a great picture of a boat race. Instead, she accidentally takes a photo of a murderer. Will the strange voice she hears help her solve a crimeor will she be the next victim?
Lexile: 530

The Tunnel:
Chloe and her friends like to hang out on an old train trestle that leads to a dark tunnel. When terrible things start happening there, Chloe keeps going back. Why can't she stay awayand what is her connection to this haunted place?
Lexile: 520

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3rd Grade Readability

Grades 6-12+

Ratings: Lexile: 440-530

Recommended Ages: 11-18+

Pages: 64 pp., 4-1/4 x 7, softcover

ISBN: 978-1-57128-860-8

Publisher:  HNB


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