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Jake Maddox Girl Sports

These best-selling sports stories by Jake Maddox are a hit with boys and girls alike! Pumped-up, easy-to-read stories with an emphasis on speed, skill, and fair play. The boys and girls in these books face obstacles on the gridiron, the court, the ice, or the half-pipe, and meet mental and social challenges as well. Readers discover that an athlete's inner game, persistence, and courage are just as important as a steady hand or a chance for a goal.

• Cheer Challenge
• Full Court Dreams
• Jump Serve
• Softball Surprise
• Storm Surfer

• Dance Team Dilemma
• Horseback Hurdles
• Longboard Letdown
• Running Scared
• Soccer Showoff

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Cheer Challenge
Amanda has always dreamed of being captain of a cheerleading squad, and this year, she is! But she soon realizes that being captain is harder than she thought. Not only does she have to lead the squad, she has to inspire them, and that’s hard work. GRL:P, Lexile:480

Full Court Dreams
Last year, Annie didn’t make the basketball team. But this year there’s a new coach, and Annie’s been practicing her heart out. Annie is determined to make the team this year, and she isn’t going to let anything stand in her way! GRL:P, Lexile:540

Jump Serve
Ella and Laura can't believe it when two of the meanest girls from a rival volleyball team switch to their team. Before long, it's clear that the new girls don't plan to be good teammates. Is there any hope for a championship, or was the season ruined before it began? GRL:P, Lexile:590

Softball Surprise
Jo can't wait for the summer softball league to start. She knows this will be the year she's on a winning team. But when she finds out some surprising information, Jo has to decide between the team that wins and the team she's come to love. GRL:N, Lexile:680

Storm Surfer
Jill never expected her week at surf camp to be interrupted by a hurricane, but one is heading for the North Carolina coast. Abby and Sara think surfing in a hurricane will be amazing. Then the waves get out of control. Time is running out, and the storm is coming. GRL:P, Lexile:470

Dance Team Dilemma
Hannah is thrilled when she earns a spot on her school's dance team, but she knows she'll have to work extra hard if she wants a solo. The only problem is her best friend Caitlin who would rather hang out with boys than practice. Hannah has to decide what's more important: keeping her spot on the team or keeping her friend. GRL:N

Horseback Hurdles
Mia is a new volunteer at the Rocky Ridge Riding Center, and she's having some trouble adjusting. Diamond is a new horse at the center, and he's also having trouble adjusting to the new environment. Mia and Diamond must learn to work together so they can stay at the Rocky Ridge Riding Center. GRL:M, Lexile:370

Longboard Letdown
Valeria has always been one of the best downhill longboarders around, but as she comes back from an injury, she seems to have lost her fearless verve. The Pro Longboarding event is right around the corner and Valeria has always dominated the "locals" kids division. Everyone expects this year to be the same—everyone except Valeria. GRL:P

Running Scared
Olivia likes running - when she's doing it for fun, that is. But when her friend convinces her to join the track team, Olivia panics. She's convinced she'll come in last place, and people will make fun of her. So Olivia starts dropping out in the middle of her races. When her aunt realizes what she's doing, Olivia has to face her fears and quit running scared. GRL:N

Soccer Showoff
Gina loves playing soccer, and she can't wait to join the team at her new school. But when Gina tries to be the star of the team, her new teammates don't exactly appreciate it. Gina has to learn that teamwork is more important than winning before she can get back on the field. GRL:N, Lexile:640


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Reading Level

Interest Level

3rd Grade Readability

Ages 9-14

Subject/Genre: Sports/Friendship

Ratings: 370-680

Recommended Ages: 9-14

Pages: 72 pp., 5-1/4x7-1/4, softcover


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