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 HNB — 1st Grade Phonics —

Dandelion Launchers Set 2

Young Beginning Readers

Readability Level: Phonics

Designed for young beginner readers ages 5 to 8, these books focus on combining letter sounds together to form CVC words. Each book contains fewer than 50 words.

Dandelion Launchers Set 2 (Stages 8 through 15) follows on from Dandelion Launchers Set 1 (Stages 1-7) and introduces longer words with 4 and 5 sounds and the sounds ch, sh, th, ck and ng.

Book 8a:CVCC
Book 8b: CVCC
Book 9a: CCVC
Book 9b: CCVC
Book 10a: CCVCC
Book 10b: CCVCC
Book 11a: ch
Book 11b: ch
Book 12a: sh
Book 12b: sh
Book 13a: th
Book 13b: th
Book 14a: ck
Book 14b: ck,wh
Book 15a: ng
Book 15b: ng, qu

This set of books has eight stages. It builds on the learning and reading experience the children have gained in stages 1-7. Stage 8 introduces longer words with four sounds. These words have adjacent consonants (consonant blends) where there are two consonants next to each other in a word (e.g. ‘l o s t’). Many children find this a challenge. Practice of word-building, word reading and reading games will help them learn to blend four and five sounds into words.

From stage 11 two-letter spellings (digraphs) are introduced. These include ch, sh, th, ck, wh, ng and qu. Children have already encountered two letter spellings in stage 7 with double consonants ff, ll, ss, etc. At stage 11 they learn that the two letters can be different but they still spell one sound.

Dandelion Launchers Set 2 Workbook
This spiral-bound, photocopiable workbook includes chapters referencing the 8 stages in the Dandelion Launchers Set 2 books. Each lesson starts with an overview of each new sound. The activities include word-building cards, fill in the missing sounds, word trail cards, matching lower to upper case, fishing game, sentence dictation, retelling the story, stepping stones game, and dice game. The chapters end with a reading certificate and a spelling assessment.

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Set 2: 1 set of 16 books


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Dandelion Launchers Set 2 Workbook


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