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 Assessments — Speech/Language

Test of Language Development (Primary) - 5th Edition (TOLD-P:5)

Authors: Phyllis L. Newcomer / Donald D. Hammill, EdD

  • Speech/Language: Expressive & Receptive
  • Ages 4-0 through 8-11
  • Individual Administration
  • Norm Referenced
  • Qualification Level B

The TOLD-P:5 assesses spoken language in young children. It is well constructed, reliable, practical, research-based, and theoretically sound. Professionals can use the TOLD-P:5 to (1) identify children who are significantly below their peers in oral language proficiency, (2) determine their specific strengths and weaknesses in oral language skills, (3) document their progress in remedial programs, and (4) measure oral language in research studies.

Subtests and Composites

The TOLD-P:5 has six core subtests and three supplemental subtests which measure various aspects of oral language are described below. The results of these subtests can be combined to form composite scores for the major dimensions of language: semantics and grammar; listening, organizing, and speaking; and overall language ability.

Core Subtests

  1. Picture Vocabulary measures a child's understanding of the meaning of spoken English words (semantics, listening)
  2. Relational Vocabulary measures a child's understanding and ability to orally express the relationships between two spoken stimulus words (semantics, organizing)
  3. Oral Vocabulary measures a child's ability to give oral definitions to common English words that are spoken by the examiner (semantics, speaking)
  4. Syntactic Understanding measures a child's ability to comprehend the meaning of sentences (grammar, listening)
  5. Sentence Imitation measures a child's ability to imitate English sentences (grammar, organizing)
  6. Morphological Completion measures a child's ability to recognize, understand, and use common English morphological forms (grammar, speaking)

Supplemental Subtests

  1. Word Discrimination measures a child's ability to recognize the differences in significant speech sounds (phonology, listening)
  2. Word Analysis measures a child's ability to segment words into smaller phonemic units (phonology, organizing)
  3. Word Articulation measures a child's ability to utter important English speech sounds (phonology, speaking)

New features of the TOLD:P-5

  • All new normative data (N = 1,007) stratified by age to conform to those of the projected U.S. school-age population for the year 2015 reported in ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States 2017, and are thereby representative of the U.S. population.
  • New studies of the floors, ceilings, and item gradients for the TOLD-P:5's subtests and composites were conducted. The results indicated that the test has consistently excellent ability across all ages and ability levels to not only measure students' spoken language ability but also detect minor fluctuations in those abilities.
  • New studies of test bias (both differential item functioning and subgroup comparison studies) were conducted that indicated that the test possesses little or no bias in regard to gender, race, or ethnicity.
  • New extensive criterion-prediction validity studies were conducted to demonstrate the validity of the TOLD-P:5's subtests and composites, including diagnostic accuracy analyses. Diagnostic accuracy analyses are particularly rigorous techniques for establishing validity, involving the computation of a test's sensitivity index, specificity index, and ROC/AUC. These studies indicated that the test is a highly valid measure of spoken language ability.
  • New extensive studies of construct-identification validity, including studies of age differences, subgroup performance, relationship to achievement, and confirmatory factor analysis of the text's structure, were conducted. These studies indicated that the test's internal structure is sound and its results are valid for a wide variety of subgroups, as well as for a general population.

Administration and Scoring

The TOLD-P:5 can be completed in 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Online Scoring and Report System for 25 users is provided as part of the complete kit.
The test forms include a one-of-a-kind activation code that is required for scoring.
It is very important that the activation code included with the forms is not lost or thrown away as it will not be replaced or refunded.




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