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 HNB — 3rd Grade Readability —

Super Science Facts: Physical Science Set

Readability Level: Reading Level 3
Recommended Ages: 11-18
Subject/Genre: Physical Science
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 650-690

From caves deep underground to the mysteries of the Universe, the Super Science Facts series is packed with high-interest information for students in grades 5 through 12. Each 48-page book contains no more than 2,000 words per book so as not to overwhelm struggling readers. Each page is supported by colorful images on every page to support comprehension. Also includes content vocabulary defined in context and repeated in a glossary at the back of each book.

The Physical Sciences set includes:

A World Underground
Some caves stretch for miles. Some are so big that they could hold a city block of tall buildings. Some are deep underwater. How did these caves form, and what is in them? Lexile:690

Earth’s Ice
How do plants and animals survive in a frozen world? Where do glaciers come from? What is permafrost? Earth’s Ice explores the cryosphere—all the parts of Earth that are frozen. Lexile:650

The Milky Way Galaxy has intrigued astronomers for centuries. What have we learned about galaxies since Galileo first looked through his telescope? Lexile:670

Meteors and Meteorites
What is that streak of light across the night sky? Is it a comet? A meteor? Or something else? Find out how to tell what you’re seeing, and much more! Lexile:680

Precious Metals
Why are gold and silver valued so highly? What are they used for besides jewelry? And what in the world are rare-earth metals? Lexile:660

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Digital Versions

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and will be available on the media system 2/21.


A World Underground Sample

Earth's Ice Sample

Galaxies Sample



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Super Science Facts: Physical Science Set 5 Books


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