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 Assessments — Memory and Cognition

Child and Adolescent Memory Profile (ChAMP)

Authors: Elisabeth M.S. Sherman, PhD / Brian L. Brooks, PhD

  • Visual, Verbal Memory
  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 5 through 21
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Qualification Level C

The ChAMP is a test of memory that can be used as either a screener or an in-depth evaluation of visual and verbal memory. Based on the latest neuroscience research, it covers core verbal and visual memory domains with only a few subtests, using common, real-life scenarios and colorful, developmentally appropriate stimuli that are engaging to young examinees. Each subtest has multiple learning trials, and no motor responses are required.

The ChAMP can be used for initial evaluation and also for progress monitoring, using discrepancy score analysis and reliable change scores. Also available are a base-rate analysis of low scores and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Intervention recommendations for both home and school are included.

There are four subtests:

Lists: This is a verbal memory test consisting of 16 concrete nouns presented as a simple story about going for a drive. The words have similar levels of difficulty and familiarity, so recall does not depend on novelty, salience, or context. A delayed and a recognition trial are also administered; the recognition trial uses a multiple-choice format designed to differentiate between retrieval and encoding deficits.

Instructions: This paragraph memory test is designed to measure contextual auditory-verbal memory. The examiner reads a passage (about a parent giving instructions to a child) into which 24 concrete nouns have been embedded. Like Lists, Instructions includes a delayed trial as well as a multiple-choice recognition trial to differentiate retrieval from encoding deficits.

Objects: This subtest measures visual memory for items, based on their shape, texture, visual detail, and three-dimensional characteristics. Items are designed to be interesting but difficult to verbalize or name. A delayed trial is also administered.

Places: This component measures memory for visual scenes, including the recognition of spatial configurations and contextual visual details. Images consist of familiar scenes such as rooms in a home and common public places. All items are colorful, contemporary, and visually interesting. A delayed trial is also administered.

The ChAMP was normed on a nationally representative sample of more than 1,200 individuals, including a clinical sample of more than 200 children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, brain injury, and intellectual development disability. Its use is supported by strong evidence of reliability and validity.

Administration and Scoring
Administration time for the full assessment is 30-40 minutes; the Screening Index takes about 10 minutes. Raw scores from the two verbal memory and two visual memory subtests are combined to yield an overall score, the Total Memory Index. Additional Index scores reflect performance in visual and verbal memory and immediate and delayed memory. The Screening Index, calculated using one verbal and one visual subtest, is useful for brief memory screening.



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