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 HNB — 1st Grade Readability —

Copper Canyon

Author: D.K. Akers
Publisher: HNB
ISBN: 9781571285867
Readability Level: 1st Grade Readability
Recommended Ages: 11 and up
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 310-460 | DRP: 42

Sara and Amber are in middle school and are best friends. They also share a love of horses, but problems in their small town of Copper Canyon test their sense of right and wrong and could hurt their friendship.

Bobcat Trail:
When Sara sees a bobcat on a trail, the people of Copper Canyon don't feel safe on the trails. They want that bobcat to leave! But Sara and Amber care about the bobcat, too. Is there a way for people and wild animals to live in peace?
Lexile: 420

Down the Stream:
People in Copper Canyon hear that the old copper mine may open again. That will bring jobs to town. Amber thinks the mine is making people sick. She wants to keep it closed. People are angry with her. Even Sara wont speak to her!
Lexile: 460

Getting Away:
When Amber fails to make the basketball team, she is angry and hurt. She turns her back on Copper Canyon. She even stops riding the horse she loves. Then she starts to hang out with a girl who may not be much of a friend.
Lexile: 380

Hay Fever:
A new man starts work at the Gomez ranch. One day a horse gets sick and dies. Soon Ambers horse is sick, too. Did someone hurt the horses?
Lexile: 460

Party Girl:
Sara lies to her parents to go to a high school party with Amber. At first she is shy, but then a lot of boys start looking at Sara. Amber thinks she and Sara should go home. Why won't Sara go with her?
Lexile: 310

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