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Angling for Words-Study Book Series

Author: Carolyn C. Bowen

  • a step-by-step approach for learning reading and spelling decoding skills
  • combines auditory, tactile, and motor channels
  • useful with elementary students, ESL, and adult literacy classes

    The Study Book (green cover), for students in grade 4 and up, breaks down language/learning into seven basic levels: (1) Short Vowels and Consonants; (2) Vowel-Consonant-e; (3) r-Controlled Vowels and G(j) Consonant Digraphs; (4) VCV Syllable Division; (5) Vowel Digraphs; (6) Special Syllables and Situations; and (7) Spelling Rules. At each level the student is given basic concepts as a starter, and then lists of new words that show these principles in operation, in both sense and nonsense words.

    The program has been used with individual students and in small classes of elementary through high school grades. By over-learning the reliable principles of reading and spelling, the student eventually begins to substitute reasoning for guessing.

    8 1/2 x 11, softcover, 276pp

    The Workbook (yellow cover) has been designed to be used right along with the Study Book - but it can be used in and out of the author's recommended sequence, according to the specific needs of the learner. The Workbook promotes the spelling/writing goals of a complete language program because as decoding skills are learned in the Study Book, they are applied in the Workbook. Pages are perforated so that as activities are completed, they may be conveniently removed and placed in the student's own notebook.

    8 1/2 x 11, softcover, 128pp

    The Teachers Line (orange cover) gives the essential background and directions for using the Angling for Words program for teachers who have not had a thorough training in a multisensory, structured, and sequential approach to language. It includes specific objectives for each level, evaluation tests, special techniques, and a page-by-page sequence for integrating the Study Book, Workbook, and Phono Cards into a unified program. An answer key to the Workbook is included as well as a phonetic survey and lesson plans.

    This book is now available as a FREE printable PDF. See the Product Information box at right.

    The Phono Cards
    supplement gives the teacher easy-to-handle color-coded cards of vowels (yellow), consonants (green), and spelling (coral) to reinforce basic language/learning. The child uses the green and yellow cards to develop and enhance recall; the teacher uses the coral cards to teach spelling of specific sounds. Each card has a large letter on one side and a key word or words on the reverse. The Phono Cards are packaged in 8-1/2 x 11 perforated sheets with eight cards per sheet (125 words), including 40 yellow vowel cards, 36 green consonant cards, and 50 coral spelling cards.
    It's a tried and true approach to teaching the skills that make for efficient reading and spelling.

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