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 HNB — 1st Grade Phonics —

Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Series Level 1

Young Beginning Readers

Readability Level: Phonics
Recommended Ages: 5–8
Subject/Genre: Adventure

Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Series Level 1 comprises twelve decodable books. Each book introduces one spelling for a new vowel sound. This series complements any systematic phonics program and can be used in any sequence.

Book 1: ai
Book 2: ee
Book 3: oa
Book 4: ur
Book 5: ea
Book 6: ow
Book 7: oo
Book 8: igh
Book 9: oo
Book 10: aw
Book 11: oi
Book 12: ar

How to use the books in this series

  • Each book contains a list of words the reader may need help with and a list of vocabulary words that are specific to each story.
  • Encourage the student to say the sounds in the words and blend the sounds together, using ‘pure’ sounds (without adding the ‘uh’ sound after consonant sounds).
  • Discuss new vocabulary and talk about the story before reading the book.
  • Encourage the student to read the words on the Reading Practice page before reading the book.
  • Each book may include some words with spellings the reader may not have learned yet. When reading these words, ask the reader to sound out the spelling he/she knows. Provide the sounds not yet learned. If the reader struggles, offer the whole word.
  • Some words may have suffixes added to base words, e.g. -s, -ed and -ing. It is important to teach these explicitly.
  • Ask the student to point to the words as he/she reads.
  • If the reading is labored, reread the sentence after the student has read it to aid comprehension.
  • Discuss the story using the questions at the end of the story.
  • The games at the end of each book consolidate new learning.

Workbook for Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Series Level 1

This workbook complements Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings reading series, Level 1. Each of the twelve chapters corresponds to a book in the series. As in the reading series, each chapter presents one alternative spelling (vowel team) for a vowel sound.

The activities in this workbook cover the five elements of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. The activities that focus on phonemic awareness and phonics prepare the reader for a successful reading experience of the corresponding book in the reading series. The activities that develop reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension are designed to follow the reading of the book in the reading series.
Two games are included in each chapter to help practice and consolidate the learning at each stage.
A spelling assessment concludes each chapter. This can be used as a spelling list. It priorities sight words (high-frequency words) which the beginning reader will encounter most frequently in his/her reading and spelling.
221 pages, spiral-bound, photocopiable.


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Dandelion Readers Vowel Spellings Series Level 1 Workbook


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