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 HNB — 1st Grade Phonics —

Little Sprouts Sets 3-4

Decodable Books for Beginning Readers

Author: Graeme Wilkinson
Readability Level: Phonics
Recommended Ages: 5–7
Subject/Genre: Phonics Decodable
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: BR90-380

Little Sprouts encompasses the first four sets of the larger Reading Sprouts series, a collection of graduated decodable readers. In all of the stories, the humor is geared to children so they will both enjoy what they are reading and incrementally build their reading skills and confidence. The Reading Sprouts books are the perfect start for both first-time readers and children with additional reading needs.

Little Sprouts uses primarily short-vowel, one-syllable words, and initial and final blends, presented in short simple sentences. As readers work their way through the sets, they encounter a gradually increasing number of letters per word, words per sentence, sentences per page, and pages per book. Irregular high-frequency words (sight words) are slowly introduced beginning in Set 2. These words are drawn from the Dolch 220 words by grade, in order of frequency.

Set 3 continues with only short vowels, but expands sentence length and increases to a maximum of two sentences per page. At least 75% of the text is decodable. Ten new irregular high-frequency words are introduced– are, do, find, go, have, of, see, want, was, and you–and appear at least four times in set. The maximum number of words per book is 110.

Set 4 increases sentence length and complexity, and number of sentences per page. Text is at least 75% decodable and contains previously learned sight words. Ten additional sight words are introduced– be, for, he, look, me, my, she, that, this, and with, along with the digraph ck.

These sets also include the Sprout Helper at the end of each book, along with Can you find the ladybug?

Books are softcover, 28 pages in length, and each book is 8-1/2" x 5-1/2".


Sample Pages Set 3: Mud Pit

Sample Pages Set 4:
A Sock That Has Dots



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