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 Assessments — Memory and Cognition

WISC-IV Compilation

Authors: John Ruth Whitworth, PhD / Dorothy Lee Sutton, MEd
Publisher: ATP

The WISC-IV Compilation is the latest update of this popular educator's guide to understanding test results and utilizing that information in the classroom. The WISC-IV Compilation provides educators with up-to-date assistance for planning remediation of deficits identified by WISC-IV test results and for writing individual education plans (IEPs) for the students.

The organization of the Compilation reflects the current grouping of subtests into the four WISC-IV Indices: Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory, and Processing Speed. Each chapter provides a brief synopsis of the purpose and the educational significance of the subtest. Within each subtest chapter, instructional materials are paired with numerous short-term and long-term objectives for grade levels K-12. The activities for each objective are clearly written in behavioral terms ("the student will be able to..."). An up-to-date list of the publishers of the instructional materials cited in each chapter is provided as well.



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8-1/2x11 softcover, 416 pp.


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