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 Assessments — Speech/Language —

Receptive, Expressive and Social Communication Assessment - Elementary (RESCA-E)

Authors: Patricia Hamaguchi, MA, CCC-SLP / Deborah Ross-Swain, EdD, CCC-SLP

  • Comprehensive Language Assessment
  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 5 through 12
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Qualification Level: B

Based on current research and designed for today's child, the RESCA-E was developed to provide essential information to professionals and parents about a child's receptive, expressive, and social communication language skills. It targets critical areas of language development which are often included in IEPs and treatment plans but are difficult or impossible to objectively measure with existing tests for the elementary-age population.

The RESCA-E combines standardized tests with informal observation across different settings to give a more complete picture of a child's communication skills.

  • Receptive Core
  • Expressive Core
  • Social Communication Core
  • Social Communication Inventory

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    The RESCA-E has 14 components, organized into three cores. Subtests can be selectively utilized to target specific skill areas. The three cores, their component subtests, and associated supplemental subtests are:

    Three subtests target receptive language at the word, sentence, and narrative levels:

  • Comprehension of Vocabulary
  • Comprehension of Oral Directions
  • Comprehension of Stories and Questions
  • Receptive Supplemental Subtests
    Two supplemental subtests provide more detailed information:

  • Comprehension of Basic Morphology and Syntax
  • Executing Oral Directions

    Three subtests target expressive language at the word, sentence, and narrative levels:

  • Expressive Labeling of Vocabulary
  • Expressive Skills for Describing and Explaining
  • Narrative Skills

    Expressive Supplemental Subtest
  • Expressive Use of Basic Morphology and Syntax

    Three subtests make up the Social Communication Core. These are supplemented by one optional subtest (Elicited Body Language) and an observational scale to provide information about both a child's "testable" social-language knowledge and also his or her observed social behavior in the real world:

  • Comprehension of Body Language and Vocal Emotion
  • Social and Language Inference
  • Situational Language Use

    Social Communication Supplemental Subtest:
  • Elicited Body Language

    Social Communication Observational Scale:
  • Social Communication Inventory (SCI)

    The SCI is a 28-item behavior rating scale that gathers information on how a child interacts with others across settings. It provides a more holistic picture of a child's social communication skills and can be completed by either parents or professionals.

    Administration and Scoring
    RESCA-E core subtests can be administered in one hour or less. Scaled scores are provided for subtests; standard scores are provided for cores and the overall score. Discrepancy scores allow comparison of performance across subtests.

    Normative Information
    Reliability and Validity information provided in the Product Information box on this page.

    Data collection was based on a nationally representative sample of 825 children ages 5-0 through 12-11 years. Results of reliability and validity studies are provided in the technical manual.

  • RESCA-E Brochure

    RESCA-E Review and
    CHC Categorization

    ASHA Presentation

    Reliability & Validity Info.

    Reviews & Comments:

    The items reflect a deep understanding
    of what matters in the evaluation of children… Each item is intended to measure something substantial and relevant to everyday functioning.

           –– W. Joel Schneider, PhD

    What SLPs are saying about RESCA

    I am excited to begin to use this assessment. It is practical and the
    closest I have seen to a dynamic

    It seems to provide a more complex picture of a child's social communication, understanding expressions of speech, context, tone of voice, and facial expression.

    My SLPs are really enjoying using this test.



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    Test Kit: Administration Manual, Technical Manual, Receptive Language Test Plates, Expressive Language and Social Communication Test Plates, 20 Record Forms, 20 Social Communication Inventories, 20 Picture Worksheets, Administration CD, and accessories, in a sturdy carry bag


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    20 Picture Worksheets


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