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 HNB — 1st Grade Phonics —

Sound Out Nonfiction Collection

Phonics Based Chapter Books–Nonfiction
for Ages 7 and up.

Readability Level: Phonics
Recommended Ages: 7-14+
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 390-540

Each book in these three series (18 titles in all) is easy reading and features full-color images throughout. Our informational text uses short, but complete sentences to convey the history and facts of each title. With all Sound Out Chapter Books, students have a chance to read engaging text while the controlled vocabulary helps them practice phonics and basic word-building skills. These titles focus on the following skills: contractions, one-syllable spelling patterns, tense endings, word endings, compound words, prefixes and suffixes, and simple two-syllable words.

Cool Rides
Find out what it takes to drive a race car, ride through the back country, restore an old car, get behind the wheel of a semi truck, or fly over the water. Traveling on wheels, on water, or in the air can be pretty cool.

City Secrets
The City Secrets series explores a hidden city, a floating town, a city on ice, a city that is sinking, one with many forgotten tunnels, and a military base inside a mountain. Learn about these fascinating places.

Sound Out X Sports
Learn about some very thrilling and challenging sports including wind surfing, BMX biking, inline skating, river rafting, rock climbing and if you dare… skydiving!

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Sound Out Cool Rides

Race Cars
Everything goes fast at Formula One car races! The cars and the pit crew work at lightning speed. It's a risky sport. Drivers need top skills. Yet the first cars raced at a top speed of only 10-1/2 miles an hour. How did racing get so much faster from then to now?

Semi Trucks
Big trucks zip by every day on the highway. They travel at all hours. They pick up loads here and drop them off there. Yet truck drivers do far more than drive. They need to know how to fix problems on their trucks, too. And what's a fifth wheel, anyway?

Trucks on the Job
Did you ever think about how concrete mixers work? How about fire trucks? Trash trucks? Snow plows? Street sweepers? Each truck is made for just one type of job. It carries gear for that one job. And it does that job very well!

Old Cars
Before cars were invented, people used horse-drawn carts. So early cars looked a lot like those carts. Then car makers worked to make cars sleeker, better, and faster. Many people now like their cars shiny and new. But fans of old cars love the early models the best!

Motor Bikes
First there were bikes. Then there were motor bikes. But motor-bike builders didn't stop there. Now there are choppers, scooters, roadsters, and cruisers. There are sport bikes, trail bikes, and touring bikes. Each kind of bike is made for a different use. Which one would you ride?

Extreme Travel
How would you travel without roads or trails? ATVs and UTVs are made for this. What if it snows? Then a snowmobile is a good choice. On the water? PWCs are just right. But what are all these things? And what if you want to take to the air?

Sound Out City Secrets

Dark Tunnels
Many years ago, young men disappeared under the streets of Portland. They were hidden in tunnels and forced to work on ships.

City on Ice
Near the South Pole, on a rock surrounded by ice there is a small city called McMurdo Base. How did it get there? What is it like there? And why do people live in all that cold?

Hidden City
Hidden under the modern city of Seattle lies another older and forgotten one. Why did the people build over their old streets?

Floating Town
Every year, when the floods come to Cambodia, the Great River runs backward. The town on the Great River floats, and spreads out over a vast lake. How do the people live without land?

Under the Mountain
Deep inside a mountain, people in NORAD worked to defend against attack from the skies. Why were they hiding under a mountain?

Sinking City
Venice is sinking! More and more water floods the plazas, but people are working to save this historic Italian City. What can they do, with rising water all around?

Sound Out X Sports

Wind Surf
Want to fly across the water? All you need is a board, a rig, and some wind.

BMX Bikes
Have you ever wanted to do tricks on a cool bike? You will learn where the sport came from, and how to ride a BMX bike.

In-Line Skates
In-line skates can be a great way to get around. You will learn about the first in-line skates, and how to do skating jumps and tricks.

Would you like to race down a river? How about riding a raft? You will learn how rafting became a sport, and how to raft safely.

Rock Climb
The sport of rock climbing has come a long way. Anyone can learn to rock climb. It is great fun to make your way up a rocky cliff.

Sky Dive
Want to fly like a bird? Sky diving gets you up high in the air. You will learn how sky diving began and how to stay safe when you sky dive.

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Set of 18 individual books from the following series: Cool Rides, City Secrets, and X Sports.


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