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 Assessments — Speech/Language

Test of Language Development (Intermediate) - 4th Edition (TOLD-I:4)

Authors: Phyllis L. Newcomer / Donald D. Hammill, EdD

  • Speech/Language: Expressive & Receptive
  • Ages 8-0 through 17-11
  • Individual Administration
  • Norm Referenced
  • Qualification Level B


Professionals can use the TOLD-I:4 to (1) identify children who are significantly below their peers in oral language proficiency, (2) determine their specific strengths and weaknesses in oral language skills, (3) document their progress in remedial programs, and (4) measure oral language in research studies.

Subtests and Composites

The TOLD:I-4 comprises six subtests that measure semantics (i.e., meaning and thought) or grammar (i.e., syntax and morphology) skills. Two subtests measure listening abilities; two measure organizing abilities; and two measure speaking abilities. The combination of all six subtests represents overall Spoken Language.

1. Sentence Combining the child is to form one compound or complex sentence from two or more simple sentences spoken by the examiner (grammar, speaking)

2. Picture Vocabulary the child is to point to one picture (of six per card) that best represents a series of two-word stimulus (semantics, listening)

3. Word Ordering the child is to form a complete, correct sentence from a randomly-ordered string of words, ranging from three to seven in length (grammar, organizing)

4. Relational Vocabulary the child must tell how three words, spoken by the examiner, are alike (semantics, organizing)

5. Morphological Comprehension the child must distinguish between grammatically correct and incorrect sentences (grammar, listening)

6. Multiple Meanings the examiner says a word to a child who responds by saying as many different meanings for that word as he/she can think of (semantics, speaking)

Administration and Scoring

The TOLD-I:4 can be completed in 30-60 minutes. Composite scores are generated for:

  • Listening
  • Organizing (new)
  • Speaking
  • Semantics
  • Grammar
  • Overall Spoken Language

This test is currently being revised and the new edition is expected to be published in August, 2019. Please check back for more information.



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