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 Assessments — Speech/Language

Arizona Articulation and Phonology Scale-4 (Arizona-4)

Authors: Janet B. Fudala, PhD / Sheri Stegall, PhD

  • Articulation
  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 18 months through 21 years
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Qualification Level B

The Arizona Articulation and Phonology Scale, Fourth Edition measures speech intelligibility, articulatory impairment, and phonological impairment in one quick, easy to use assessment. The fourth revision of this widely used assessment retains the strengths of its predecessors and adds features that enhance its effectiveness in identifying individuals who have speech sound disorders. New norms, refined measurement properties, and the addition of connected-speech and phonology tests help clinicians identify individuals who may benefit from speech sound services. Supplemental qualitative tasks facilitate deeper interpretation of the scores and help clinicians develop treatment plans that are targeted to the individual’s needs.

  • Understanding and describing an individual’s level of articulatory ability and overall speech intelligibility in both single-word and connected speech
  • Comparing single-word and connected-speech articulatory abilities
  • Determining the extent to which phonological impairment may contribute to an individual’s articulatory deficits, and describing the specific types of phonological error patterns that are displayed
  • Facilitating early identification of speech-sound development concerns and determining whether an individual may benefit from treatment services
  • Identifying and prioritizing speech targets for individualized intervention through analysis of the examinee’s specific articulatory/phonological deficits and relative strengths, including the production of consonants, consonant blends, vowels, and vocalic /r/
  • Monitoring improvement in an individual’s speech sound production over time
  • Evaluating the degree of consistency in an individual’s production of misarticulated sounds, the impact of speech sound deficits in continuous language and everyday speech, and the need for further language assessment or intervention

    Administration and Scoring
    The Arizona-4 scores help clinicians identify individuals who are in need of speech sound services and develop treatment plans for them. The primary score is the easy-to-understand Word or Sentence Articulation Total Score, which has a direct and useful interpretation. Because the Total Scores are based on research that links them to the actual rate of speech sound occurrence in American speech, they express a real sense of how often misarticulated sounds are likely to occur in the examinee’s everyday speech and what impact those misarticulations are likely to have on overall speech intelligibility. The Word–Sentence Articulation Critical Difference Score provides further information about clinically meaningful differences between articulation in single-word versus connected-speech contexts.

    In addition, standard scores are provided for Word Articulation, Sentence Articulation, and Phonology. Standard scores allow comparison of the examinee’s performance to that of a typically developing peer group based on age (and gender, at the younger ages). Severity ranges, confidence intervals, percentile ranks, and test-age equivalent scores further aid clinical interpretation. The Arizona-4 scores include descriptive language that is easily understood by parents and other nonprofessionals.



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    Test Kit: Manual, Picture Booklet, 25 Word/Sentence Articulation Record Forms, 25 Phonology Coding Forms


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    25 Word/Sentence Articulation Record Forms



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