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 Assessments — Speech/Language

Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language-2 (CASL-2)

Author: Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, PhD

  • Oral Language
  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 3 through 21
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Qualification Level: B

The CASL-2 is the new update to this assessment of spoken language which requires no reading or writing. The 14 subtests span four structural categories:

  • Lexical/Semantic: Knowledge and use of words and word combinations
  • Syntactic: Knowledge and use of grammar
  • Supralinguistic: Knowledge and use of language in which meaning is not directly available from the surface lexical and syntactic information
  • Pragmatic Language: Knowledge of language that is appropriate across different situational contexts and ability to modify language according to the social situation

Subtests can be used either as stand-alone assessments of specific areas of interest, or in combination for a broad evaluation of oral language skills. The test is structured to reduce or eliminate the need for memory, where possible, by using pictures and repeating words at the beginning and end of items. The Pragmatic Language Test is especially useful for assessing social communication skills in people with autism. It is the only performance test that measures pragmatic language abilities in children under age 6.

The CASL-2 has the same theoretical foundation of Integrative Language Theory as the Oral and Written Language Scales II (OWLS-II). This edition includes enhanced validity, functionality, and ease of administration. These include updated record forms and inclusion of age-based basals and ceilings. This edition is based on new normative data from a nationally stratified sample of 2,394 individuals, and more extensive clinical groups. The Paragraph Comprehension test has been dropped, and item content includes current technology. There are also alternative scoring guidelines for African American dialect.

Administration and Scoring
Administration takes 5–10 minutes for each test and 45 minutes for the General Language Ability Index (known as the Core Composite in the original CASL). The examiner reads items aloud from a self-standing easel book, and the examinee responds by speaking or pointing. The easels include instructions, examples, pictures, items, prompts, sample correct and incorrect answers, and scoring criteria.

Record forms now have a fold-out panel to facilitate transferring raw scores to the Score Summary page. In addition, an Item Analysis Worksheet for each test highlights examinee strengths and areas for improvement. Fourteen individual test scores are calculated, plus six index scores: General Language Ability Index (overall skill), Receptive Language Index, Expressive Language Index, Lexical/Semantic Index, Syntactic Index, and Supralinguistic Index.



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