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Motor-Free Visual Perception Test-4 (MVPT-4)

An updated and streamlined version of the classic visual-perception test

The MVPT-4 is the most recent revision of the only non-motor visual perceptual assessment that can be used throughout the lifespan.
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Quick Neurological Screening Test 3 (QNST-3)

The QNST-3 is a screening tool that looks at how a person (ages 4 to 80+) monitors and integrates sensory information from visual, tactile, auditory, and proprioceptive or kinesthetic sources.
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Test of Visual Perceptual Skills - 3 (TVPS-3)

Separate subtests show details of visual perceptual skills

The TVPS-3 remains an easy to use assessment to determine the visual perceptual strengths and weaknesses of students aged 4 through 18.
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Jordan Left Right Reversal Test 3 (Jordan 3)

The Jordan Left-Right Reversal Test - 3rd Edition (2011) helps clinicians identify students who have difficulty with reversals, and what types of reversals are problematic.
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Developmental Test of Visual-Motor Integration - 6 (VMI-6)

The VMI is the best researched and most economical visual-motor battery available.
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Test of Handwriting Skills-Revised (THS-R)

Visual-motor integration difficulties can foreshadow learning problems

The THS-R provides standardized assessment of children's handwriting ability for both manuscript and cursive styles that can be used with any of the popular handwriting programs.
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Koppitz Developmental Scoring System For the Bender-Gestalt Test - 2 (KOPPITZ-2)

The Koppitz-2 provides an updated scoring system which quantifies visual-motor integration problems.
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Test of Gross Motor Development-2 (TGMD-2)

The TGMD-2 is a measure of common gross motor skills that can be used by kinesiologists, general and special educators, psychologists, and physical therapists.
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Test of Visual-Motor Skills-3 (TVMS-3)

Details deficits in visual perception, motor planning, and/or execution"

This brand-new revision of the TVMS assesses how well a person can coordinate visually guided fine-motor movements to copy a design while it is in sight.
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Educational Assessment of School Youth for Occupational Therapists (EASY-OT)

The EASY-OT assesses developmental tasks that relate to school skills: fine and gross motor, visual perception, visual-motor, sensory processing, self-help, and vocational/life skills.
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Wide Range Assessment of Visual Motor Abilities (WRAVMA)

The WRAVMA provides a quick and accurate assessment of visual-motor, visual-spatial, and fine motor skills - all relevant to school activities.
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Goal-Oriented Assessment of Lifeskills

The GOAL assesses functional motor abilities necessary for tasks of daily living. It consists of seven tasks.
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NAB Visual Discrimination Test

The NAB Visual Discrimination Test, a stand-alone component of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery (NAB), can be used to assess visual perception in adults without the demands of motor output.
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Peabody Developmental Motor Scales - 2nd Edition (PDMS-2)

The PDMS-2 is an in-depth assessment of a child's early motor developmental maturation.
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Here's How I Write

Since handwriting is a critical skill for elementary students to complete schoolwork, poor handwriting may affect performance.
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Test of Visual Analysis Skills (TVAS)

Visual skills can be quickly evaluated with this test as the child is requested to copy simple to complex geometric patterns.
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