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ATP is a publisher and distributor of assessments and resources for speech, language, occupational therapists, rehabilitation specialists, school psychologists, special education personnel, remedial reading teachers and others. ATP's High Noon Books division specializes in high/low reading material.

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Math Masterpieces
(Grades 3 through 7)

Students learn and practice algorithms and math facts while they solve puzzles to uncover great works of art.
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Common Core
Mathematics Practice

(Grades 1 through 6)

Help your students meet the increased rigor of the Common Core by giving them the support they need to succeed.
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Featured Products

Test of Information Processing Skills
(Ages 5 to 90+)

TIPS provides clinicians with quick and reliable measures of how well a person processes information (letter strings) presented visually and auditorily.
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Receptive One-Word Picture
Vocabulary Test-4: SBE

(Ages 2 through 70+)

Now with expanded norms (ages 2-0 through 70+), this edition is intended for use with-and was normed on-a bilingual population of individuals who speak Spanish and English with varying levels of proficiency.
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Comprehensive Test of
Phonological Processing - 2nd Ed.

(Ages 4 through 24)

The CTOPP-2 assesses reading-related phonological processing skills.
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Educational Assessment of School
Youth for Occupational Therapists

(Pre K through Grade 12)

The EASY-OT assesses developmental tasks that relate to school skills: fine and gross motor, visual perception, visual-motor, sensory processing, self-help, and vocational/life skills.
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Checklist for Autism
Spectrum Disorder

(Ages 1 through 16)

The CASD provides a quick way to screen for children with ASD, regardless of age, IQ, or autism severity.
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