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Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-2 (BRIEF-2)

Authors: Gerard A. Gioia, PhD / Peter K. Isquith, PhD / Steven C. Guy, PhD / Lauren Kenworthy, PhD

  • Executive Function
  • Parent, Teacher, & Self-Report Questionnaires
  • Ages 5 through 18
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Qualification Level B

The BRIEF2 is a set of questionnaires for parents, teachers, and now older students (ages 1118), designed to evaluate executive function from multiple perspectives. Theoretically and statistically derived scales measure such aspects of behavior as the ability to control impulses, move freely between situations, modulate responses, anticipate future events, and keep track of the effect of ones behavior on others. The BRIEF2 can be used to assess children who have either developmental or acquired neurological conditions such as learning disabilities, attention disorders, traumatic brain injury, lead exposure, pervasive developmental disorders, depression, and other developmental, neurological, psychiatric, and medical conditions.

The scales in this edition have been made more concise, the items among the Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report Forms are more parallel, a new index has been added, reliable-change statistics have been included for evaluating change in scores over time, and a new infrequency scale identifies unusual responding.

The BRIEF2 now uses 10 clinical scales and separates self-monitoring from task monitoring:

  • Inhibit
  • Self-Monitor
  • Shift
  • Emotional Control
  • Initiate
  • Task Completion
  • Working Memory
  • Plan/Organize
  • Task-Monitor
  • Organization of Materials

    New normative data is based on a nationally representative sample of 3,600 cases. The normative sample included children with developmental and acquired neurological disorders (reading disorder, ADHD subtypes, traumatic brain injury, Tourettes disorder, mental retardation, localized brain lesions, and high functioning autism). Reliability coefficients for the Parent and Teacher Forms are .90+, and .80+ for the Self-Report Form. The BRIEF2 has concurrent validity with the CBCL, BASC-2, Connors-3, ADHD-RS-IV, RIAS, WISC-IV, and WAIS-IV.

    Administration and Scoring
    Questionnaires take 10 minutes to administer and 15 minutes to score. Norms tables give T-scores, percentiles, and 90% confidence intervals for four developmental age groups, by gender. Three broad indexes are calculated (Behavior Regulation, Emotion Regulation, and Cognitive Regulation).

  • New Edition


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    Test Kit: Manual with Fast Guide, 25 Parent Forms, 25 Teacher Forms, 25 Self-Report Forms, 25 Parent Scoring Summary/Profile Forms, Teacher 25 Scoring Summary/Profile Forms, and 25 Self-Report Scoring Summary/Profile Forms


    Components (Sold Separately)

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    25 Teacher Scoring Summary/Profile Forms



    25 Self-Report Forms for ages 11-18 years old



    25 Teacher Forms for children 5-18 years old



    25 Parent Forms for children 5-18 years old



    25 Parent Scoring Summary/Profile Forms



    25 Self-Report Scoring Summary/Profile Forms


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