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Test of Word Finding-3 (TWF-3)

Author(s): Diane J. German, PhD

  • Word Finding Ability
  • Individual Administration
  • Ages 4 through 12
  • Norm-Referenced
  • Qualification Level B

The TWF-3 assesses single-word expressive language. This edition adds new noun and verb target words; documents the absence of bias; updates the underlying lexical processing model; presents information on diagnostic accuracy and strong validity; and includes a Comprehension Check. Students with diagnosed word finding difficulties were included in the norming sample.

There are four subtests (Picture Naming: Nouns; Picture Naming: Verbs; Sentence Completion Naming; and Picture Naming Categories) and five informal analyses (Phonemic Cueing Procedure, Imitation Procedure, and Substitution Analysis, to analyze errors; and Delayed Response Procedure and Secondary Characteristics Tally).
Three forms of the test (Preprimary, Primary, and Intermediate) target the students expected level.The standardized assessment has four naming sections, the results of which are combined to form the overall Word Finding Index:

Picture Naming: Nounsassesses efficiency in naming compound and 1 to 4 syllable target words

Sentence Completion Namingassesses efficiency in naming words to complete sentences read aloud by the examiner

Picture Naming: Verbsassesses efficiency in naming present and past-tense regular and irregular verbs

Picture Naming: Categoriesassesses efficiency in naming objects and the categories to which they belong

Five informal analyses are also provided. Three of these analyses (the Phonemic Cueing Procedure, the Imitation Procedure, and the Substitution Analysis) examine types of word finding errors students make. The remaining informal analyses (the Delayed Response Procedure and the Secondary Characteristics Tally) contribute to interpreting the Word Finding Index.

Administration and Scoring
TWF-3 is individually administered in 2030 minutes. Subtest scores are combined for the overall Word Finding Index, and test results are reported as standard scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalents.


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Test Kit: Manual, 2 Picture Books, 10 Preprimary Record Forms, 10 Primary Record Forms, 10 Intermediate Record Forms, in sturdy storage box


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10 Preprimary Record Forms



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10 Intermediate Record Forms


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